Sandwich for every boy and girl!

Every morning hundreds of thousands of school pupils wake up and get ready for school. just before leaving the house, they take sandwiches with them for breakfast, BUT NOT EVERYONE!
Many school pupils come to school without food for breakfast!

The 10 AM break in school is the time when school pupils take out the sandwich they brought from home.
There are school pupils with special sandwiches and there are those with simple sandwiches.
But we must not forget those who simply do not have a sandwich, Thousands of school pupils do not have food for breakfast at school!
A student who does not eat cannot learn! The cackling stomach does not let go, and All the kids eating around don’t make it any easier. Moreover, the shame makes the boy shut down.

A special project by Lev Naomi wants to assist these pupils, So they will never have to worry about not having any food for the 10 AM break at school.
Handing out pampering sandwiches to pupils who will be able to concentrate on their studies to go up and succeed, and that they will never worry about the shame and the cackling stomach anymore.

Lev Naomi invites you to support this special project and make donation for the school pupils who will not have to worry about having a sandwich during the 10 AM school break.
For making donations and supporting please click here: