A 93-year-old Holocaust survivor living in inhumane conditions

Chaim Madar, a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor living in inhumane conditions and needs our help to rebuild his life.

When Chaim Madar was young in the labor camps, he endured extreme hunger, cold, and fear on a daily basis, but he managed to survive. After all the horrors he has suffered, nowdays he is 93 years old and faces inhumane neglect, loneliness, and cruel alienation every day without receiving any support or assistance from no one. Help Chaim Medar in living a dignified life.

In Acre, Chaim Madar lives alone in a neglected one-and-a-half-room apartment.
His apartment smells strongly of mildew and has almost no air in it.

 His room is filled with old, dilapidated furniture, broken pictures, and random old books. Chaim sleeps on an iron bed without new sheets, pillows, or blankets since months ago
It is impossible for him to do it by himself.

He was born in Djerba.
When the Germans invaded Tunis, he was taken to German labor camps because he
was a sturdy boy. Chaim’s entire family was murdered during the Holocaust.
Chaim immigrated alone to the state of Israel at the age of 20 after surviving the Holocaust.

After serving in the Palmach, he moved to Mebara and lived alone in one apartment after another.
Eventually, he was able to acquire a one-and-a-half-room apartment in Acre, where he has lived ever since.

Having no company around him, Haim has grown and cultivated plants for many years.
“My plants are my lifeline. They serve as my mental health care.
Taking care of them makes me feel that I am not alone and that I have a responsibility.” he said.

Several months ago, Chaim tripped and seriously injured his leg, so he had to undergo surgery. In order to survive, he needed close attention.
Haim has repeatedly tried to seek assistance without success.
Haim’s neighbor said, “I contacted many authorities in order to assist him, but they said they could not do anything at the moment. His apartment is neglected, and he lives in substandard conditions. It is a shame that they continue to allow him to live like this.”

Chaim has been staying in a hostel for the last few days, which provides him with food and a place to sleep.
The hostel was partially funded by a few kind citizens who volunteered to help temporarily.
In a few days, Chaim will be forced to return to his neglected and uninhabitable apartment after so many difficult events in his life.
Citizens and neighbors are asking for help to repair the apartment and help him out to
live his life with respect.

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