Who We Are

The Lev Naomi Association was established about 27 years ago (1994), as another association from the Chasdei Naomi charity factory,
With the aim of helping sick children and their families.

Thousands of children are hospitalized in Israel suffering from a variety of diseases – from flu to cancer – these children are bored, sad, cut off from home and friends and mostly in pain.

Lev Naomi volunteers try to improve the mood of the children and their families:
A team of clowns, singers, entertainers and volunteers go through the children’s departments all year round, handing out presents to them and holding fun activities for the children.

And around the holidays the volunteers hold special parties, fun days and social events – all to put a smile on the children’s faces.

For parents and caregivers who are with the children, we distribute light meals, and most importantly, give them a light hour where they can rest.

In addition to hospital activities, Lev Naomi:

  • Operates a free ambulance to transport patients in need of treatment at the hospital.
  • Raises funds to finance life-saving treatments.
  • Remedies to the house – Lev Naomi volunteers come to the homes of the elderly, Holocaust survivors and the disabled, collect the prescription from them, purchase the medicines for them and bring them back home, free of charge.
  • Purchases bags and equipment back to school for needy students

All members of Lev Naomi work voluntarily, there is no one in the association who receives a salary, so every shekel donated goes directly to purchases for children.

Likewise, the association has a proper management certificate.
Association number: 580235851
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