Bat Mitzvah celebration for special children

Celebration for Children with special needs

A bat mitzvah and bar mitzvah is a unique and exciting event, especially for Children with special needs.

Children with special needs who are in unique settings for them often do not get the celebration like any other child. 

Every year, the Lev Naomi Association initiates a festive event, especially for them.

To Etzion School go students with special needs from all age groups. 

Lev Naomi initiates various and varied activities tailored to the level of the students.

This week the association held a bat mitzvah party for one of the students. This event was carried out in collaboration with Bnei Akiva youth from Karnei Shomron.

Lev Naomi brought refreshments, sweets, and gifts to the party. At the party, there was also a DJ who bounced and danced to everyone with happy songs. The volunteers from Bnei Akiva danced and delighted the bat mitzvah girl and all children with special needs who were present at the event.

At the same party, they served hot food, burgers, fries, hot dog in a bun, and of course, cotton candy and popcorn.

The students and the bat mitzvah bride enjoyed the party. Everyone laughed, danced, ate, and had good time.