A widow with terminal cancer and her FIVE children are about to be thrown into the street; help them!

A family of six has suffered a severe blow in the past. Dad died of cancer after a long war and left behind large debts.

Recently another blow fell. Even though the family was diagnosed with a severe illness, the deterioration was rapid, cancer spread throughout the body, and she is now in a terminal condition.

Five children were left alone at home, most recognized by Social Security with functional difficulties. The oldest girl, only 20 years old, takes responsibility for the home economy and caring for the mother.

The eldest daughter is dealing with the complex situation of her family alone and cannot go out to work because she takes care of her mother and all her brothers, so she only earns a living from the Social Security allowance. Apart from the daily difficulties, she is in debt of 90,0000 NIS!

The daughter is used by her sisters and brother as a mother; She goes with them to meetings with the caregivers, accompanies her 10-year-old little sister to school, and helps the brothers manage the money and the house. Of course, she also takes care of the chaos in a home hospice following the terminal situation. The situation she finds herself in is not simple, and she needs emotional support and psychological treatment, but she can not afford it.

The oldest sister is collapsing !! She is no longer capable of doing it all!!

The complicated family situation affects her life. Her mental state is deteriorating day by day. Sadly, she can not work or study, and her social life is not exciting anymore.

She needs a lot of help. Not only for her but for her family!

Let’s help them together. Each donation will help the family to live better! And simplify their complex condition.

Lev Naomi organization operates by volunteering and has no wage earners at all. It picked up the gauntlet and came to the family’s aid.

Since the association members heard about the complex and distressing story of the family, it has been assisting them with food products, fruits and vegetables, shopping labels, milk substitutes, diapers, and more… But that is not enough!

The fundraising is conducted with the assistance of the Lev Naomi organization. All donations will be passed directly to the family.