Born six months ago and still hasn’t been released from the hospital.

Born six months ago and still hasn’t been released from the hospital.

The pregnancy tests were normal but just after the birth their life turned upside down; The baby was born with a severe heart defect and needs life-saving surgery.
Since she was born, she has been in the hospital and her parents need all possible assistance they could get.

Until the last two years, they were a normal family. The couple was working tidy jobs and living on rent in a small apartment with two cute kids. About two years ago, the wife became pregnant with twins. Then my she got a blood clot near her heart which forced her to be hospitalized.

Thankfully, about six months ago, they had twins. But unfortunately, after the birth, one of the twins was found to have a Life-threatening cardiac defect that requires open-heart surgery but can be done from at least the age of one. In addition, During the waiting time, they are obliged to be at the hospital while the baby is connected to the ventilator and receiving medication regularly.

Nevertheless, in those years, all of their savings were finished. The family business collapsed, And they went into huge debts including living costs for the rest of the children and pharmaceutical costs, Hospitalization, and more!

The family needs your help so that they could continue to fund the baby’s long surgical care and the daily cost of living for them and the children.

A crowdfunding campaign was conducted with the assistance of lev Naomi.
The donations will all be transferred directly to the family’s rehabilitation.

For each donation, you will automatically receive a receipt by email. Inquiries can send an email to

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