A special charity campaign for the Holiday of Shavuot: Firstly in the Hospitals of Israel; Schottenstein will be given for the patients to study

We ask you to join the extraordinary charity campaign of purchasing the annotated Gemara books with the publishing of Schottenstein, which will be given by us to every Hospital in Israel for the use and the study by the different patients.

Every donation you make= is an enormous good deed and raises the Torah Study process by 100%. Please help us by donating and sharing.
Thank you and Happy Holiday!

The Gemara books with the publishing of Schottenstein should not be introduced; Many respected and well-known Torah students from all over the world and from every sector have the chance to graduate their studies and to have a better understanding using the amazingly written and presented Gemara books.

Along with the many benefits, there are still obstacles to conquer; Due to the high costs of the Gemara books, many Yeshiva students and followers find it hard to purchase these amazing books which will help them to understand the Torah much better!

In this donation charity campaign, this situation is going to change thanks to your donations!