The parents are sick – They have no money – the family is collapsing!

I have children and a husband, and I can not support my family. The bulimia that struck me recently does not allow me to function. My family is collapsing.

I am a young woman, mother of two sweet little children. Life was beautiful and flowing, like everyone else. But lately, I was attacked by a cursed disease. At one point, I found myself in a situation I had never could have dreamed of

I’m lying in bed exhausted, I haven’t eaten in a few days, and then the attack comes. Measure to the kitchen, open the fridge, and start eating from everything next door. Cucumbers, tomatoes, swallow a box of cheese, nibble on noodles (uncooked), empty the refrigerator. I’m turning to the snack-eating closet and eating everything I see.

Just then, I lie down in bed like a log. I can not move. It feels as if the world stopped. As if there is no house and no children to take care of.  I got into the hallucinatory state of fasting almost completely for straight days, indulging in artificial sweeteners, and interfering with the means of suppressing appetite.

I can’t function and maintain the house even to the bare essentials. I survive only with the help of my family members and my husband, who enlisted their help.

My husband is also not a healthy person. He recovered from cancer, but the severe illness left scars on his body. Today he is disabled, carries one leg, and is also deaf. Even in his complex medical condition, often, he is both roles of father and mother to our children.

The treatment that almost saved me

Until a year ago, I was treated at the Pimel Eating Disorders Center in Jerusalem.

That is an intensive treatment that includes: a psychologist, dietitian, mentor, and psychiatrist. Follow-up with a private doctor who is considered an expert in the field. (The center is in contact with the treating psychiatrist and insists on certain doctors not receiving through the HMO.) The treatments at the Pimel Center have cost a great deal of money.

In the past, I have received partial funding from charities, and with great effort, I have met the astronomical payments.

As long as I was treated at the Pimel Center, I was able to survive at work with great effort.

But not long after that, with the worsening of the symptoms, I was fired from work.

My financial support was cut off recently. I had to reduce the treatments until I stopped them completely.

Eating attacks intensified and as a last resort, I started taking the Topamax pill. The drug gave me breathing space and the ability to survive.

On the other hand, its side effects caused great damage and suffering.

 In particular severe memory problems, confusion, lack of orientation, and even difficulty extracting words.

My life today

Today I do not work and have no way to pay for the essential treatments, and the situation is deteriorating day by day. The monthly treatment includes the cost of the pills5,000 NIS per month. And this is in addition to the minimum living needs that are also needed.

I’m crying out for help!

Eager to return to treatment that will give me in SD a little more strength and ability to survive without harming my family members! 

Wishing that someone give at least a supportive hand.

In this economic situation, it only remains a dream.

Children need a father and a mother. Our children pay a heavy price for this. The appearance of the “tics” leaves no room for doubt.

It is impossible to hear her cry and stand aside. It is real life-saving. Together we will give her a supportive hand and help her return to as sane life as possible.