This Passover no one is left alone!

Passover is a holiday of togetherness, but not for everyone.  Many Holocaust survivors are left alone on Seder night.

Many Holocaust survivors live in solitude every day.  The holidays are for most of them, not a special event because they are left alone anyway.

Feeling alone is one of the worst feelings that people can experience especially on the eve of Passover. Lev Naomi enlists for the individual.

Lev Naomi launched a unique project in honor of Seder night for Holocaust survivors. The idea for the project was born out of conversations with Holocaust survivors who said they were always alone and would be alone this coming holiday.

In honor of the upcoming Seder night, Holocaust survivors will host at a pampering hotel. Each survivor will receive a room and stay in it for the entire holiday. On the eve of Passover, a festive Seder will be held for them. So together will make a kosher and happy Seder night.

This coming Passover, many Holocaust survivors will not be left alone. This Passover, Lev Naomi will make Holocaust survivors happy only with your help and contribution.


You can contribute to the project through a community fundraising site.